Kyusho Jitsu World Certified Instructors

Kyusho Jitsu World Certified Instructors

Kyusho Jitsu World Certified Instructors

Kyusho Jitsu World Certified Instructors

I am a little behind in updates for the website here, but we have some New Kyusho Jitsu World Certified Instructors here at the KJWA! That page with the listing is going to be rebuilt this week or a better breakdown by country. However today I want to congratulate the follow.

Jesus Alvarez Castillo

Kyusho Certified Instructor Jesus Alvarez Castollo

Kyusho Certified Instructor Jesus Alvarez Castillo

Congratulations to Jesus Alvarez Castillo of Spain has been graded and promoted to the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt in Kyusho Jitsu as well as Level One Certified Instructor!

James Baker

Kyusho Certified Instructor James Baker

Kyusho Certified Instructor James Baker

Congratulations to James Baker of the UK was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt as well as a Kyusho Jitsu Certified Level One instructor back at the end of July.

My sincere congratulations to both! To see the currently listing of Kyusho Jitsu Instructors Worldwide please follow this link. The information on the site will be updated later this week!

Becoming a Kyusho Jitsu World Certified Instructors

We need good people, great martial artists looking to expand their knowledge and become involved with helping others do the same. If this appeals to you there has never been a better time to look into it!

There will be a total over the coming months of 5 different Kyusho Jitsu Certified Instructor Courses.  Current I have 2 online for purchase, with Level 3 becoming available on November 1st of this year. Level 4 will be around the beginning of January 2018.

The idea of this is to create a “minimum standard” for Kyusho Jitsu Black Belts, as well as the teachers. So when we have, as an example a 2nd Dan Black Belt, we know he or she knows “x” at the vary least. Right now in the Kyusho world, from what I have seen knowledge is all over the place.

I did my primary Kyusho training for 12 years under the direct supervision of Grand Master Steve Stewart. I am ranked as a Level Five instructor under his system, which is also a DKI Certified System, which at the time make me the most qualified to teach Kyusho Jitsu in Canada beside Grand Master Stewart. Now today I assume there are others.  The system I am setting up is of a similar design, as in Five Levels, but the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance is in place to help the teachers be successful in their goals.

Seminars and Study Groups

Under these programs as Certified Kyusho Teachers under the KJWA you will be able to organize and teach Kyusho Jitsu Study Groups, and book seminars for yourself anywhere you chose, all with the backing for the organization. You will appear in our database so people can find you and contact you about Kyusho!

Now as part of the launch of the Kyusho Jitsu Level 3 Instructor Certification Program I am “tearing down” the cost barrier to entry! These courses normally sell for $997 each! I paid that for each of my certification levels and $1500 for Level Five! (plus classes). This was the BEST money I ever spent!

However for a limited time I am NOT going to charge you this!
Right now you can purchase Level 1
Level 2 for
ONLY $97 each!

You can also Pre-Order Level 3 for $97! Here are links to read more right now or buy!

  1. Kyusho Teacher Certification Level 1
  2. Kyusho Teacher  Certification Level 2
  3. Level 3 Pre-Order Teacher Certification

But it even gets better! You can get 1 Level for $97, 2 levels for $150 or all 3 levels for $175!

If you are considering this option you must email me directly and I will invoice you for this! If you are just purchasing one level you can do so via the links above!

Here is my email address to contact me in regard to multiple levels. Email .

Have a fantastic day!

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Grand Master Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason is a professional full time martial artists and Kyusho Jitsu teacher. He is available for seminars and study groups. He resides in Brasov Romania