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Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance Black Belt Grading Board

Welcome to the KJWA Black Belt Board page! This page is here so you will now who the signing authorizes are on our Black Belt and Instructor Promotions. 

Below is a listing of our Black Belt Grading Board for the Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance.

International Teachers

Master Federico Asensio

* KJWA Black Belt Board Master Federico Asensio

KJWA 7th Dan - Spain President KJWA

GM Art Mason

Grand Master Art Mason

Level Five KIA Instructor
KJWA - Level Six
9th Dan Hapkido

Each member of our Grading Board bring many years of not just martial arts experience to the table, but also Kyusho Jitsu experience. The first 3  members of the board are direct students of Grand Master Steve Stewart in London Ontario Canada.

As well as Master Federico Asensio's history you can find linked to his name.  In time I ma hoping to add many more teacher to the list from different countries. As the organization grows we will have a grading board for each represented country!

This is why our expansion is so important! For information on becoming a certified Kyusho Jitsu World Alliance Instructor follow this link.

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